Friday, November 21, 2008

My "creative" side....hehe....UPDATE: finished project!

I've been on the hunt for a lime green bag. No luck finding one that I just love, so the other day while I was with my son at the store looking for an appliqué for the toque that I was knitting him, I turned around and there it was....a pattern for what could potentially be my lime green purse. I bought the pattern (because I occasionally get inspired to pull out the sewing machine), R found his yarn and appliqué and away we went to find the "perfect" material. Here are some pics. I finished the purse, found some incredible material and decided that I am going to make one for a special friend for Christmas. She just might pee her pants when she sees the fabric I've found! let's hope she doesn't actually check my blog, so it doesn't ruin Christmas!!! The first picture is of the outter part of the bag. The second pic is the incredible lining that I found! Already I've had over 10 requests for these bags. Yikes. Seriously, I'm NOT a seamstress!!! I actually kind of suck at sewing!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My first KAL

Well, it's not quite finished, but it's very close! I have cast this project on 3 times and now realize that I am only able to follow a pattern if it's in front of me and I am able to put a check beside the rows as I complete them. Why? Because there is rarely a moment in my life that someone isn't talking to me around here!!! And when that rare moment does come along, I find that my mind wanders far, far away and my hands just knit aimlessly, lol!
So here is a pick of one of my most favourite hats yet!!! This one's a gift, but I'm going to set aside some time to whip one up for myself!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Meme

Christmas is a very special time of year in our home. Every year, we fill shoe boxes and send them to the 3rd world countries so that they too can have a wonderful Christmas. The boys are so cute and so thoughtful when choosing items to place in these boxes and I love all of the many, many things that this is teaching them.
We typically choose a name off of the Christmas tree in the mall, and the boys get to choose which gift they would like to purchase for this child. They just LOVE the gift of giving!
We gather many non-perishable items and usually a turkey and some ground beef and we donate it to the local food shelter.
The Christmas season is truly the family bonding season! We play Christmas carols, go skating at the out door rink and hot chocolate is definately a tradition!!
Christmas eve, the boys get to open one gift. This gift is always a new pair of p.j's. They just LOVE new p.j's! We set out milk and cookies for Santa, and we snuggle up in bed and talk excitedly about the morning to come.
Christmas day I make the typical Ukrainian meal. Turkey and fixin's and perogies, cabbage rolls, meatballs and gravy. Over the years, our home has been open to anyone that isn't going "home" for Christmas. Sometimes I've had up to 16 adults and numerous children. It's the most amazing feeling!
These are our Christmas traditions. I just love Christmas and I love to read everyone else's traditions!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here we go again

Good grief, I should have expected it. But I feel a little blindsided because, you see, when my oldest suddenly felt feverish to me, I think I went into some kind of shock. He has and has always had a very strong immune system. When he gets sick, it is usually quick to pass. Yesterday and today, however, he has been down and out with a very high fever, malaise, headache and sore throat. He just plain feels crummy. I actually thought that with a 7 year old, it would be easier to explain the necessity of laying low and resting. Was I wrong! It was much, much easier to have my 5 year old understand this. This round has been a whole lot more challenging. As soon as the Tylenol/Motrin combo kicks in, he seems to think that he has miraculously been healed and he can give 'er 90! Such a catch 22. Gotta give the meds to regulate the temp, but risk him burning his body out cuz he thinks he's better. Sigh. Sick kids=no sleep for them and for me. This truly sux. I worry so much about fever. I lay awake most of the night praying that the temp will stay down, constantly checking it, feeling the body, giving cool wash cloth compresses all the while praying that I don't get sick next. Who will take care of me???

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Inspired by NotJenny and Mama to Mama

I have a very special friend in my life that has inspired me in many ways since I've met her!
These hats for newborns are a result of the most recent inspiration from her! She told me about this project it Haiti, where there is a need for safe-birthing kits so that the moms and babies have a greater chance of a safe, clean birth. I must say, I'm not very knowledgeable of the many struggles that these countries have, and so whenever I am presented with an opportunity to learn more, I am all over it. Hence, the hats.
The Caps to Cap-Hatian Project is putting together safe-birting kits for expectant mothers in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. The site says, "These kits - consisting of plastic sheeting, hand sanitizer, a sterile piece of string and razor blade, and these newborn baby caps - have the potential to reduce infant and maternal mortality, and give babies a safer, healthier start."
I made 7 really, super cute hats under an hour. No fancy sewing, just 2 seams as you can use the bottom hem of the t-shirt. How much easier can a project be that can make such a HUGE difference in this world. God Bless those babies! And God Bless all those who are helping in any way to get these kits together and shipped off to Haiti.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008 Cozy Toque Award Goes Too.....

Tête á Fetching!!!! This pattern was inspired from a pattern found on Knitty titled Fetching. They are fingerless gloves. I didn't make this pattern, I found it in Ravelry (God Bless ravelry!!). I have been trying and trying to knit up a cozy toque to replace the ones from last year that I have lost somewhere. it is! Yay!! This one is made with soy wool which is part soy and part acrylic. It's not itchy, and it's incredibly soft and cozy! This yarn was a little tricky to work with cuz a) it was so fine and b) it was so slippery. I did it though, it didn't take very long once I got started and I couldn't be happier! The next one I make (yes, I love it that much that I am going to make more!) I will use heavier yarn. This one is definately not going to stand up to the -40 that winters here bring! If you're interested in pattern, it's in Ravelry and it's under Tête á Fetching! I must send a huge thank you out to the lady who wrote this pattern! You've saved me many, many hours of searching for the perfect toque pattern!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Flu

Well after 3 days of temperature of 40.5, I finally called Mason's pediatrician. He met us at emerg to have a look at my lil guy. I know, emerg, drama, all that stuff, but you see, Mason has a history in the 5 short years that he's been with us. When he gets sick, it's not unusual for him to end up on I.V at the hospital. Thankfully, we breezed through last year with nothing more than colds. This year has started out pretty scary. We've been giving Tylenol and Motrin as often as we are able and this only mellows the temp. He has hallucinations and shakes and he looks like death warmed over. We had him at walk-in, and honestly, I don't know why I ever take him there. It always ends up this way...miss-diagnosis (cuz they don't KNOW Mason's history) and I always end up seeing his Ped. Ever since the last time he got sick and was put in the hospital, I don't take any chances. His immune system is very immature and he gets hit harder than most kids. He has a very high pain tolerance, and when he was a baby, he had an internal infection and never let me know until I did up his diaper and I pushed the velcro down. He cried out in pain and I just knew that something was wrong. This was our first trip to emergency where he was kept for 2 days on I.V. antibiotics. He was 2 weeks old. So, long story short (cuz I don't have much time to be on here right now), I don't let fever go on for very long before I start getting really worried. But you know what, it's the mother's instinct, and that's what Pediatrician's are for, right?