Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So many things.....

To do, that is. Hubby got called in for O.T today (this poor weather is always good for our bank account) and so he dropped the kids off at school before he left, saving me the trip. YAY! 36 hours later, I am still having an allergic reaction to a med that my doc prescribed (he knew I had an allergy to a related drug, but felt it wasn't a bad enough reaction to NOT give me this particular one.) GRRRR. I spent the morning in emerg yesterday trying to get the rash down. It's still not gone. So, I am following the doc's advice and taking the day off today too. It really would be terrible to go into anaphylactic shock while on the job, right?
So here I am, the house all to myself with SOOOOO much to do. I submitted my final assignment last night. I'm terrified for the mark. Trying not to think about that. I have so much catching up to do, as this course took pretty much all of my spare time.
I would totally like to go down the basement (did I say "like"?) and organize my work area. Problem is, I have NO idea where to begin. I wish somebody with some really great organizational skills would come in and assist me in this area!!! I need to get more organized!
The laundry is piling up and the floors desparately need a wash. I am considering some redecorating (hopefully hubby doesn't read this!!!)...nothing major, just a few adjustments to a few areas. Whew. See, if you can follow my blathering, kudos! This is my head spinning right now. Quiet house, no one to need me and I choose to sit here and blather. What's wrong with me????? LOL!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another year under the belt :)

Another birthday has come and gone. I'm 34, and can hardly believe how time flies...mostly since I've become a mom! Mostly, I go through my birthday with a quiet, inner celebration of another year of life. This year was different. My kids were so excited about my birthday, it was very special for them. They went out of their way to make my day special for me, showering me with love and kind words, and some really cute, thoughtful gifts. My oldest bought me a "gold" necklace (costume jewellery) and it has a really pretty "disco ball" pendant. Essentially, it's a ball full of little diamond gemstones all around it. I LOVE it!!!! My youngest bought me a package of toe rings which he felt completely suited me. One is a yellow flower, another is a yellow butterfly. They are all very pretty and they made me yearn for flip-flops and pretty painted toe nails! I can't wait to wear them! They both bought me beautiful bouquets of flowers and some red hotlips! Oh, and a delicious cake!! They truly spoiled me and for the first time since I reached my emotional maturaty, I truly felt special on my birthday.
You see, birthdays have never really been made special for me, not since my Grandpa (God rest his soul) was alive. Sure, my Grandma tried, but it's really not the same when a person who spent the entire year beating you up verbally all of a sudden takes the day off to "celebrate" you.
This year I had an epiphany of sorts. My 21st birthday was a milestone for me. My Mom (God rest her soul, too) didn't live to enjoy her 21st year. So that was pretty incredible for me. This year, turning 34 made me suddenly and alarmingly aware that I've lived 13 years longer than my Mom. So I decided that from this birthday on, I will celbrate that. All the beauty of being granted another year, healthy, happy and alive! Happy Birthday to ME!!!! (I love you, Mom! R.I.P)