Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008 Cozy Toque Award Goes Too.....

Tête á Fetching!!!! This pattern was inspired from a pattern found on Knitty titled Fetching. They are fingerless gloves. I didn't make this pattern, I found it in Ravelry (God Bless ravelry!!). I have been trying and trying to knit up a cozy toque to replace the ones from last year that I have lost somewhere. it is! Yay!! This one is made with soy wool which is part soy and part acrylic. It's not itchy, and it's incredibly soft and cozy! This yarn was a little tricky to work with cuz a) it was so fine and b) it was so slippery. I did it though, it didn't take very long once I got started and I couldn't be happier! The next one I make (yes, I love it that much that I am going to make more!) I will use heavier yarn. This one is definately not going to stand up to the -40 that winters here bring! If you're interested in pattern, it's in Ravelry and it's under Tête á Fetching! I must send a huge thank you out to the lady who wrote this pattern! You've saved me many, many hours of searching for the perfect toque pattern!


Deborah said...

The toque looks great!
How is Mason doing? All better I hope!
I've started a Christmas meme....come on over and check it out!

Poppins said...

So sweet! I'll have to go Ravel it and check out the specs.