Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Meme

Christmas is a very special time of year in our home. Every year, we fill shoe boxes and send them to the 3rd world countries so that they too can have a wonderful Christmas. The boys are so cute and so thoughtful when choosing items to place in these boxes and I love all of the many, many things that this is teaching them.
We typically choose a name off of the Christmas tree in the mall, and the boys get to choose which gift they would like to purchase for this child. They just LOVE the gift of giving!
We gather many non-perishable items and usually a turkey and some ground beef and we donate it to the local food shelter.
The Christmas season is truly the family bonding season! We play Christmas carols, go skating at the out door rink and hot chocolate is definately a tradition!!
Christmas eve, the boys get to open one gift. This gift is always a new pair of p.j's. They just LOVE new p.j's! We set out milk and cookies for Santa, and we snuggle up in bed and talk excitedly about the morning to come.
Christmas day I make the typical Ukrainian meal. Turkey and fixin's and perogies, cabbage rolls, meatballs and gravy. Over the years, our home has been open to anyone that isn't going "home" for Christmas. Sometimes I've had up to 16 adults and numerous children. It's the most amazing feeling!
These are our Christmas traditions. I just love Christmas and I love to read everyone else's traditions!


Deborah said...

Thanks for posting this Sandy! Our kids get the pj's every year too....just so they look good in pictures the next morning! They figured it out long ago though, so we sometimes add another little gift! For our meal, we always went out to the farm. There have been few years when I've been responsible for the entire meal....guess it's about time! Ours is always turkey and the trimmings!