Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Flu

Well after 3 days of temperature of 40.5, I finally called Mason's pediatrician. He met us at emerg to have a look at my lil guy. I know, emerg, drama, all that stuff, but you see, Mason has a history in the 5 short years that he's been with us. When he gets sick, it's not unusual for him to end up on I.V at the hospital. Thankfully, we breezed through last year with nothing more than colds. This year has started out pretty scary. We've been giving Tylenol and Motrin as often as we are able and this only mellows the temp. He has hallucinations and shakes and he looks like death warmed over. We had him at walk-in, and honestly, I don't know why I ever take him there. It always ends up this way...miss-diagnosis (cuz they don't KNOW Mason's history) and I always end up seeing his Ped. Ever since the last time he got sick and was put in the hospital, I don't take any chances. His immune system is very immature and he gets hit harder than most kids. He has a very high pain tolerance, and when he was a baby, he had an internal infection and never let me know until I did up his diaper and I pushed the velcro down. He cried out in pain and I just knew that something was wrong. This was our first trip to emergency where he was kept for 2 days on I.V. antibiotics. He was 2 weeks old. So, long story short (cuz I don't have much time to be on here right now), I don't let fever go on for very long before I start getting really worried. But you know what, it's the mother's instinct, and that's what Pediatrician's are for, right?