Monday, August 3, 2009

It's been almost the entire summer since I've checked in here. My bad. You see, summer always has a way of luring me outside early in the morning and keeping me out until very late at night. I only venture back into the house for necessities...water, washroom, food. Otherwise, once I'm out, I'm out. Especially this year. This weather is perfect for me. I absolutely detest the humid +30 degree weather that we usually get bombarded with. I have a beautiful tan this year, thanks to this weather. My yard and flower gardens look amazing, thanks to this weather. I have visited parks and beaches, explored and enjoyed some very good books. It's been a great summer.
I desparately want to pick up my knitting needles, but am uninspired each time I do so. My vest from, yes, VESTUARY is still in time out. It's been very, very bad. I would love to knit up some noro mitts (I have the most beautiful noro right now). But I just can't seem to get going. I need my knitting friend!!! She always inspires me with her creativity! Hopefully I will be seeing her tonight. It's been a very long time!!!
I had so many things to say and just can't put my thoughts together right now. Could be the boys nattering in my ear right now?!
Sorry for the boring post. I will post later if it comes to me. Just kind of wanted to let you all know that I am still here!!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and are taking advantage of the tolerable weather!!