Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thoughtful award from NotJenny

The above award was passed to me by NotJenny, and I have to say that I am truly honoured! NotJenny has quickly become someone who is very special to me. She inspires me in so many ways, she has taught me many, many things and I truly look up to her as an outstanding Mommy. To have her acknowledge me in this way is very flattering. Thank you, NotJenny!

This blog invests and believes, in ‘proximity’ [meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' - being close through proxy] "They are all charming blogs, and the majority of them aim to show the marvels of friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize, and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut, or that they propagate?" Then let’s try to give more attention to them!

So with this prize we must deliver it to eight bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.”