Sunday, October 5, 2008


He's at it again! My son, I mean! He's got another wiggler and he's desparate to get it out so the tooth fairy will come. It's like an addiction!!! He even brought me a kleenex and asked me to pull it out! I told him it's not ready! LOL! It's not even about what the tooth fairy brings...he doesn't seem to care! So why, why, why!!!! I guess I just need to accept it. His teeth will fall out, he will grow big boy teeth, some day (probably too soon for my liking) he will grow hair on his face and maybe even his chest, his voice will change and I will have to say goodbye to my baby. Am I going to extremes here over a silly loose tooth? UGH!


Not Jenny said...

I like the new pretty pink!!!

(and I tell Matthew every day to stop growing up....he doesn't listen.)