Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's when my babes get sick that I really, truly realize just how much they mean to me. I mean, I cherish their every moment, good and bad, but when they are sick, they seem so fragile. They seem so little and helpless and it makes me want to just wrap my arms around their fevered bodies and draw all of the sick out of them. I have been known to purposely kiss them on the lips to try and take it away from them. I know that's probably just terrible, but I am being honest. I do it!
My lil guy is so so sick right now. It started in the evening (in retrospect), but I thought he was just tired and missing his daddy. Needless to say, his fevered dreams woke me at midnight and it was then that I realized that he was SO sick. I took his temp, it read 40.1 and I went straight for the motrin, bypassing my usual Tylenol first. I stayed awake for most of the night, laying at the foot of the bed, playing scrabble on my cell phone and texting my hubby at work to keep him updated. Finally at about 4 a.m I fell asleep, woke up at 6 and that was that. Cancelled my morning appointments and cuddled with my boy. The meds kicked in and he thought he was good to go. (gotta love that). He burned out pretty quickly and has been TKO since. It's just heart breaking to see my boy (s) sick. Sick sux. I feel so helpless and that sux too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if love could cure all that ails? Now my older boy has inflamed eyes and they are driving him crazy! He desparately wants to rub them. Try to explain to a child why he must suffer in order to get better. Sigh.
So, now that I've poured my sad story out, maybe I'll be better able to deal with seeing me boys in this condition.


Not Jenny said...

I hope your little guys get better fast. It is such a horrible helpless feeling to watch someone you love so much be sick and uncomfortable.