Monday, October 27, 2008

I've put up some pictures of some of the stuff I'm knitting right now. I am looking very forward to wearing my first pair of socks! They are on hold, however, until I am able to find a pattern for a nice cozy toque that I will live in this winter. Wish me luck. The scarf has been a lot of pleasure to knit. It's the easiest cable pattern that I have ever worked with and I don't need to keep track of where I am at when one of my kids interrupts me! It's great! The pictures of the grapes...well, those are a "should be doing" project. This year our vines have given us a record amount of grapes, and really we should make our grape jelly out of them. It is soooo yummy and we get so much that we are able to share the love at Christmas time. We'll see if we get around to doing that! I had to take a picture of them, though. They are so ripe and plump. Maybe if I keep staring at them, the guilt will overcome me and I'll spend a weekend making my jelly!


Deborah said...

I was just looking over at your 'about me' on the sidebar. My favorite color is yellow too, but my favorite smell is definately NOT my children! LOL
The knitting looks very pretty! Looking at pictures is about the closest I'll ever get to knitting...although I did try it many years ago!

Tara said...

Just thought I'd say hello. I found you on Knit Wit's blog.