Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brrrrrrrr!!! Need I say more? I try to embrace the different seasons, and typically, fall is my favorite. I love the colours and the smells. I love the slow down pace that comes with the cool air. What I don't love and can't embrace is this wind! Me and wind are not friends. We aren't even aquaintances. We are arch enemies and when it's strong enough to blow me and my kids off our feet, that's where I begin to wage my war on wind! Actually, though, this cold, blustery wind did inspire me to make a toque for myself! I can't seem to find any of the toques that I made for myself last year, which is really very depressing. So I've had to start from scratch for my toque wardrobe. Anyone who knows me, knows that as soon as the weather has a sniff of cool to it, I dawn my toque and live in it until the snow is melted. I have even been known to nap in my toques! So, here I sit with my new toque that I whipped up in a couple of hours, wishing that I was also finished my socks!!!


Deborah said...

I hate the wind too, and if I go out without my head covered I get the most awful headache! I always wear toques in the winter...when I see people without one I can't help thinking, they're so cool they're frozen!