Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So many things.....

To do, that is. Hubby got called in for O.T today (this poor weather is always good for our bank account) and so he dropped the kids off at school before he left, saving me the trip. YAY! 36 hours later, I am still having an allergic reaction to a med that my doc prescribed (he knew I had an allergy to a related drug, but felt it wasn't a bad enough reaction to NOT give me this particular one.) GRRRR. I spent the morning in emerg yesterday trying to get the rash down. It's still not gone. So, I am following the doc's advice and taking the day off today too. It really would be terrible to go into anaphylactic shock while on the job, right?
So here I am, the house all to myself with SOOOOO much to do. I submitted my final assignment last night. I'm terrified for the mark. Trying not to think about that. I have so much catching up to do, as this course took pretty much all of my spare time.
I would totally like to go down the basement (did I say "like"?) and organize my work area. Problem is, I have NO idea where to begin. I wish somebody with some really great organizational skills would come in and assist me in this area!!! I need to get more organized!
The laundry is piling up and the floors desparately need a wash. I am considering some redecorating (hopefully hubby doesn't read this!!!)...nothing major, just a few adjustments to a few areas. Whew. See, if you can follow my blathering, kudos! This is my head spinning right now. Quiet house, no one to need me and I choose to sit here and blather. What's wrong with me????? LOL!