Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stash Diving

WOW I am the luckiest and most grateful person ever right now! I just got back from an invitation to stash dive!!! Knitters and crocheters alike will understand this! Check this out!

Can you believe this!?!?! My girlfriend's mil purged her stash and she shared it with me! I could hardly contain myself when I saw that her living room floor was an entire yarn stash!!! She invited me in and I had to hold myself back from rolling around and frolicking in all of this fibrous goodness!!! She made me the most heavenly cup of tea and we dove in! There was copius amounts of yarn, all of which came from Eaton's and Ram Wools. Whoooo hoooo! She is new to knitting, so I went through the yarns and gave her some ideas for each bag (yes bag) full. I can't even put into words just how much there was. And it's not done. There's more to come! Phew! She inherited a stitch marker and a stitch holder (to both of which I had to emphasize the greatness of such tools). She was a little overwhelmed to say the least. As for myself, I felt like I was living my fantasy. (As some of you may know part of my fantasy includes being cuddled up in my bed surrounded by yarn and books, has nothing to do with the "normal" bed time ideas ;)
I captured my luck on film. There's an amazing ball of knitpick's Suri Dream yarn which I have been given by a girlfriend who just seemed to know that she would MAKE MY DAY by giving me this! Thank you again, btw! (My over zealousness about the beauty of this yarn may have tipped her off!)
I cannot wait to cast on something with these yarns. Now I need to go project hunting. But first, I have to finish these, as I am determined to NOT lose sight of what will be the most amazing legwarmers (yup, that's what I said, but move over Jane Fonda, here's a new twist to what could otherwise be incredibly 80's and super tacky)!
How will I sleep tonight?????


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