Monday, January 5, 2009

Now it's time for me

I'm done all of my Christmas knitting and crafts. Now it's time for me! Well, sort of. It's funny because sometimes when I begin a project whether it's knitting or sewing or other, I often start out with the intentions of keeping it for myself. However, as I progress into the project sometimes it just doesn't feel like it belongs to me any more. Sounds strange, but crafters will understand. A friend gave an analogy that makes perfect sense. It's kind of like surrogacy, only in an inanimate object sort of way, lol! You realize that though the project may be beautiful, you realize that it belongs to someone else and so when you are finished, you gift it. That's not happening so far anyway with the projects that I have on the needles. I am making the project on the right. It's going to be a beautiful shawl and although it has holes, it's being created out of soy wool, so it will be nice and warm! I have progressed much further on this since the photo. One ball down, 2 to go!

I also have a booga bag on needles.
<-This is it.
The first picture is of before felting, the second one after. It's blocking right now. Essentially, it's a bag that's knitted on really big needles using wool. Then it's felted. It turns into this:

My 3rd project that I'm going to cast on is some "suede" booties for my girlfriend's baby who will be born in February. They are just so incredibly cute. Unfortunately, I haven't cast them on yet, but that's coming. Again, I will post pics. If you hang out on Ravelry, I'm there under mbsandybee. Look me up. All of my knitted projects are there. Eventually I will figure out how to incorporate my knitting pics and stuff into my blog. I need to learn how to grid my pictures first!


Mama D said...

I am still in awe of this Sandy. I just showed my mom