Saturday, January 17, 2009


So to keep this from being a long winded post, let's just say that quiet mornings and beautiful, sun-shiny weather led me to an epiphany this morning and it just keeps getting better. I discovered something about myself that I didn't know and wasn't seeking answers for. Obviously. During that discovery, I considered the truth behind one of my favourite quotes "you never know when you're making a memory". It doesn't matter how momentous it is, chances are that it has helped to shape you to who you are today. As is the case behind this morning's quiet discovery.
I put it aside and carried on with my day, not giving it another thought. Tonight, while the kids were busy being friends and playing very well together, I picked up my pen and began to journal in the most incredible journal that was given to me by a very special girlfriend. Mid-way through, I had the urge to pick up the book that this same friend gave me for Christmas. It's called "Gifts from a Course in Miracles". I flipped randomly to a page and when I looked at it, I couldn't believe it. I do, for sure believe in fate and I do believe that my path is laid out for me. What is for me will come. This seems to be just more reassurance that my journey to Winnipeg on Tuesday will be all that I hope for it. I know I'm being evasive, and I will elaborate, if you wish, just ask. Anyway, the page that I flipped to had a simple black and white picture of grass blowing in the wind and with it, a simple quote: "I place the future in the Hands of God".
Here's what followed:
"You are but asked to let the future go,
and place it in God's Hands.
And you will see by your experience
that you have laid the past and present
in His Hands as well,
because the past will punish you no more,
and the future dread will now be meaningless.
Release the future.
For the past is gone,
and what is present,
freed from its bequest
of grief and misery,
of pain and loss,
becomes the instant in which time
escapes the bondage of illusions
where it runs its pitiless, inevitable course.
Then is each instant which was slave to time
transformed into a holy instant,
when the light that was kept hidden in God's Son
is freed to bless the world.
Now is he free, and all his glory
shines upon a world made free with him,
to share his holiness.

Place, then, your future in the Hands of God.
For thus you call the memory of Him to come again,
replacing all your thoughts of sin and evil
with the truth of love.
Think you the world could fail to gain thereby,
and every living creature not respond
with healed perception?
Who entrusts himself to God
has also placed the world within the Hands
to which he has himself appealed
for comfort and security.
He lays aside the sick and illusions of the world
along with his
and offeres peace to both.

This is, by no means, meant to sound "preachy". It just fits and I had to share it.
Whew. I can't wait for Tuesday.


Deborah said...

Doesn't sound preachy to me...but then I'm me! (By the you remember the time I took you out to The Bakery coffee shop and gave you a Bible? It just now came to my mind!!)
Whatever Tuesday is, I hope it goes well and is everything you are hoping it to be. My love & prayers are with you.

Mama D said...

Yes, I hope it goes well. I'll be thinking about you. :)