Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tomorrow I will clean my I crafted!

As the title states, today I didn`t do any cleaning whatsoever. Today I crafted. I made 2 bags! (Well, kind of...I finished up one that I had made a long while back). I made one following this recipe .

Iam unsure yet if I am going to use it as a mini tote for everyday or if (most likely) I will use it as a project bag. It is just adorable, though and it fits the cardigan that I`m currently working on as well as a bottle of water, knitting notions, phone, ipod and a paper pad. It likely fits more, which is exciting because often when I am travelling to a knitting friends home or going out for knit fest, I like to just throw a wallet into my project bag and maybe some lip balm and leave the purse at home. I will post pics tomorrow to show. The outside is made of a chocolate brown cordouroy and the inside is some amazing pink fabric that changes hues depending on the angle that you are seeing it! It`s got two large pockets on each end. I didn`t add buttons to them...if I find that things are falling out, maybe I`ll put a couple of snaps on them. For now I like them as is.
The second bag that I finished is amazing! It`s a knitted, felted tote lined with Chinese brocard (not sure if that`s the right spelling). I only finished it now because my knitting partner had the icord for a couple of months, so I couldn`t put on the handle. Handle done, snap sewn on and a special something on the outside and this baby`s complete! I am torn between the two because I love them both. The knitted one is larger and more practical as an everyday bag, so it will likely win between the two!

I love, love, love being able to make things. It feels like such a sense of accomplishent when I am finished! I am making a cardi that is hopefully going to be a birthday gift for one of my girlfriends, but I tried it on today and I think it`s going to be too small in the shoulders. :(
I guess that means that I may have to keep it...or save it for a birthday gift for another friend who already said she wanted it!!


Angie said...

Certainly I have to agree that crafting is much better than cleaning.

The bags look amazing!!!! I love the shop n ride one!!! Were the instructions easy? When I read them I got kinda confused.