Sunday, June 7, 2009


If I share, will it make summer come???? Or maybe even spring??
A friend made this drink for me while I was having a visit at her house. She assured me that it was incredible. One sip had me hooked. It's completely guilt-free and you won't feel your thighs growing with each sip you take!! or maybe I'm the only one with that problem...

Strawberry Cloud
2/3 C. frozen strawberries
2/3 C. light vanilla soy
2 tsp fat free french vanilla coffeemate powdered creamer, disolved in 1 oz of warm water
1 oz sugar free strawberry syrup
3 packets of splenda
3-4 ice cubes or 1/2 C. crushed ice
2 Tbsp fat free redi whip

toss this all into a blender, blend until smooth and enjoy!

Here's what I did, as I didn't have all the ingredients that it called for:
handful of strawberries
eyeballed aproximately 2/3 C. skim milk
splash of sugar free french vanilla syrup
splash of sugar free strawberry syrup
handful of ice
a couple of good shakes of the vanilla coffee mate

I blended this up until it was smooth. It wasn't as creamy as my friend's but it was still incredible and the whole family enjoyed this. Kind of put a bright side to all of this cold, nasty weather that we've been having. Enjoy!!


Tara said...

Sounds yummy! Our summer hasn't started yet either. It is cold and miserable. If you want to get back on my blog, send me your email address and I can add you to my list. I have had some problems with unwanted visitors and I had to make it private. My address is

Sarah said...

ok i have to say you my's well go for all the real ingredients! those ones are sugar free but because they are one molecule away from being a plastic they will kill you anyways! They are so super dangerous all of those sugar free products be really really careful!! just my 2 cents:) Sarah