Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yup. Just got home from Emerg. Today was just to quiet and relaxing, I suppose, so the boys decided that they needed to jazz things up a bit. It all started out as innocent wrestling with me saying "guys, find a better place to do that, there's not enough room in there and someone is going to get hurt". I used to think that mom's were clairvoyant. Well, kind of, I suppose. But mostly, if you're like me, you could throw up twice in your mouth just thinking about your child getting injured. I have experienced head injuries with both of these guys in the past. My oldest was so excited that I was home, he came running and when his feet hit the transition between carpet to lino, he went sliding....right into the edge of the wall. This one blead like crazy, but only required some glue. My youngest split his head open when he fell off of the top bunk and landed head first on the edge of a bookshelf. That was a doozy and was so horrible, in fact, that I had to leave him with my husband so that I could get myself together. Just when I thought that I could handle this one, the doctor showed me just how serious the injury was. It was deep to the bone. Yup. He does a good job when he hurts himself. So the wrestling got a bit carried away and he tried to crawl under the bed. I'm not sure, exactly, how it came to be that he lifted his head just in time to smash it on the edge of the metal frame, but in any event, he did. He is at a stage right now where he will run to his room and hold the door closed when he is hurt or mad. So this is what he did while his brother came and got me. (Reason #500ish why I don't EVER try and watch a movie). As he was explaining, brother was becoming hysterical, so I went to see if he was seriously hurt. He met me half way in the hallway, hand full of blood and a terrified look on his face. The rest is history. Out the door, (thank goodness we are all of 2 minutes away from the hospital) and to emerg. I can say that arriving in emerg with a child who is bleeding is taken vary seriously. We are (the 3 times I've been in this circumstance) seen immediately and the nurses are so, so kind.
My poor boy was so scared and I had a very hard time keeping myself collected. The tears were stinging the back of my eyes while he was literally screaming as they froze his wound.
It is a very frightening feeling when you see blood coming from your child. It's in that moment that you realize how fragile they are and how, sometimes as a Mommy, things are out of your control and you can't fix them. My world wouldn't work without either of my boys. Funny how, though I've only had these babes in my life for 8 & 5 years, I can't begin to imagine life without them and, God willing, I won't have to.
Parenting boys is a challenge. I wouldn't have it any other way, but somehow I am going to have teach these children that every time they act like "boys" it adds another gray hair to my already full head. Can't they just go and read? Maybe I should teach them to knit?


Deborah said...

I think I'd skip the knitting...those things have sharp points, and if your boys are like my boys they'd find something very interesting to do with them!
Sorry to hear about your trip to emergency! We've had many of those over the years...but then Gus can break a tooth off playing ping pong!

Not Jenny said...

Oh no!!!! I hope everyone is on the included! That is so scary!