Monday, September 1, 2008


So I spent most of my day on Sunday purging my basement. Wow what a job. I figure that I had better get a move on it before they switch the dumpsters and I'm stuck with this stuff for another 6+ months. I ventured down there, armed with a box of heavy duty, extra large garbage bags, a gi-normus cup of coffee and all the sanity that I could muster up. Sigh. So began my journey.... I take this journey about every 6 months, honestly. Still I surface with an overstuffed garbage bag of trash and yet another one of donatables. It's ridiculous, actually. I am saddened that so much money is wasted on toys that just get piled, one on top of another, until my children are so overstimulated that they don't even go down there! (I can only assume that is the reason, anyway!). So, after mourning the loss of hundreds of dollars, I've decided that my children DO NOT need this much crap! I continued my purging, and am still going at it. So far, I have 2 extra large garbage bags of trash, and 2 extra large garbage bags of toys that looked like they might be a good idea at the time of purchase. (Just so I don't get some kind of complex, the trash consists of paper, paper, paper from endless amounts of my children's doodling, toys that have lost parts, etc. as they are, under no circumstance, allowed food or beverage down there!)
So now what do I do with the assortment of goods that won't end up in the trash bin? Do we donate? Freecycle? My boys want to have a yard sale! Right! I can't see that one actually happening! My thought is that we will likely donate it to VV, and this Christmas, along with the shoeboxes that we stuff, and the names that the boys choose off of the Christmas tree for those who will otherwise have no gift under the tree, they are, again going to go through their stuff and donate. Don't even get me started on the commercialism of Christmas!
I will keep you posted and let you know where I end up...wish me Godspeed gettin out of this journey!